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There are two cities in the world that I love over all the other cities in this world. First of all New York. I’ve been there, done that. And my second state you could say is, California. Scrolling through my dashboard and realizing that I miss summer so much. Where I live, we don’t have a summer. Like its hot for around 2 days and then its over. So what I do is looking at summer/California tumblrs and I let my self melt by these breathtaking pictures of California.

One day, I will life the Californian Life just like I dream about everyday. Right now I am actually listening to summer music and watching those summer tumblrs. (ps. its snowing in my country, and its spring?!) Please take a moment and let yourself get inspired from these beautiful photos. – XO CHARESA 

Sia – Wild Ones

Rihanna – We Ride

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