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KEnza Lips post

Hello guys! I havent blogged in such a long time, Im very sorry for that. I guess you already know where this post is about becauee of the title. Yes, I know ive gone cold turkey on lipbalm!!!!!!

If youre not familliar with this I will explain it. If you suffer from a lipbalm addiction or like me a lip peeling addiction you will notice that your lips are not in the healthiest state anymore how they used to be. For me it was like a peeling cycle. My lips were healthy and good for 3 days and after that i had to peel thick old lip skin off. In that time I used blistex lipbalm ( still a good balm but it made it worst over time). Going cold turkey means that you stop using your lipbalm completely. And after a week or two you will see results.

Day 1: I was already in a cold turkey cycle but I couldnt resist to bite and peel my lips so I had to start all over again. So I scrubbed my lips ( this really hurted because my lips were already healing ). My lips were super red and they hurted. I applied blistex lipbalm for relief.

Day 2: I did not reapply lipbalm during that day and my lips were actually looking good. No dryness whatsoever.

Day 3: My lips were getting a bit dry and the middle cracked up. In a cold turkey proces DRINK LOTS OF WATER.

Day 4: My lips were still dry and the cracked heeled a bit but the topped cracked even more. Still not reapplied lip balm.

Day 5: You need to let your lips peel them self. The dry patches were getting together and some of the flakss, I bite them off. After school i applied coconut oil to my lips. They felt so good after that.

Day 6: ( the day Im writing this) : My lips feel kinda dry, no flakes though. They look healthier so I’m happy.

Day 7: My lips are kinda dry and they are pretty dark. I hate dark lips, they are naturally pink. So I’m still waiting for my lips to take care of themselves… I think I’m gonna apply a bit of coconut oil because it has no side effects!

Stay tuned for photos and for updated post!