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Sometimes life can be rough, it can be hard, you can break down but life comes with all these things. Negative and positive. No one in this world has a perfect life (no not even your favorite celeb). Being happy is rule number one to succeed in life, to enjoy life. I have to admit that I feel down just like every other person in this world. Sometimes I just want to lay in bed all day and sleep. I feel tired and sad but if youre sad, be it for one day. Its okay to feel not good ones a while but dont forget that lifes goes on. The next day you get up, you go out for a morning run, you will have a nice breakfast, you take a nice hot shower and you pick out your favorite clothes and you put on make-up. Live by the day. You will never know what will happen tomorrow. – XO CHARESA

The Guide For How To Be Happy


My Take On How To Be Happy

These are things I do to get happier, hopefully it may help you too.

Smile frequently
Drink tea
Read a good book
Listen to your favorite music
Eat lots and lots of food!
Write a list of things you love about yourself, it builds up confidence
Watch a funny movie
Talk to your friends and let it all out
Eat some more
Go out for lunch or dinner with your friends
Shop till you drop!
Write a story
Be optimistic about the future, and stop thinking about your past
Don’t stress over little things
Bake something
Set happy goals
Make some new friends
Appreciate the little things in life
Take pictures with a $1000 camera
Try new things
Live for the moment
Laugh more