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My Mom bought me this guess watch while she was at the airport. It is so pretty, I can’t wait to wear it !


I’m so sorry for the people who are on a diet but I had to post this picture lol. Mac Donalds is basically my life. Ok, I’m just kidding but I tried the Mc Chicken SatΓ© for the first time and o-m-g it was so good !!


I saw this amazing combination on Tumblr from a girl who painted her nails matte black. It was so pretty that j had to reacreate it. I actually used a very veryyyy dark blue nail polish by elf valled Midnight and for the matte top coat the one from essence. And if youre wondering its the iPhone 5 πŸ™‚


I had kickboxing class that day and me and my friend were talking about the coconut milkshake from macdonalds. Without even thinking about it we went from the gym straight to the mac donalds. It was so much fun lol !


I was so so soooo excited when this came in the mail! I ordered demi wispies because they are the best lashes out there and they looked so good soo why not ? I also bought the eyelure lash fix with it. I am so happy and the lashes look amazing. Can’t wait to wear them.


Every girl takes a picture when they are at starbucks right?! Whos with me haha. Yeah, all my friends were gone so I was bored and because I was super bored i decided to take myself to starbucks. It was actually so good drinking that vanilla latte all by myself.


A new video is coming very very soon ! Only the bad part is that I was trying to upload this the other day but imovie wouldnt let me ugh.


Omg, I guess I bought tooo much these couple of weeks but hey, enjoy life lol. I recently ordered 4 buddha balms and I am already obsessed with them! I tried the Lychee one and oh my god this stuff is amaze. I was so happy when this package came in the mail ^_^. I heard so many people talking about this sleek blush in Rose Gold. Some said that this was an perfect dupe for Nars Orgasm. Why not try it myself? It’s so gorge wow. Can’t wait to try it. I have my perfect everyday makeup routine already. Demi Wispies for the eyes, maybelline sweet pink lip liner for the lips + buddha balm & Rose Gold for the cheeks. Perfect.


The weather is doing amazing to be honest. We did some shopping on Saterday and after that we sat down on a terrace. We drank something, it was a lot of fun πŸ™‚


Baby sis made some muffins and i ate it with fresh strawberries yum!!!


Saterday was so good, we shopped, sat down at a terrace and after that my mom and dad made a delicc dinner!



UGH, my lunch was soooo good on sunday. We ate at this super nice restraurant ‘De Markt’. I ordered grilled chicken salad and a coke. Best thing ever. After that i did some MAJOR shopping. A HAUL will be up soon.


Zara is my absoulte favorite store ever ever eveeeer. I saw these shoes and this necklace. I felt in love, I wanted to buy the shoes but they werent as comfortable as I thought..

That was my week. It was pretty relaxed and really good πŸ™‚ How was yours? XO CHARESA

Oh yeah, this is me working on some stuff lol. Always blogginnn. Why do i look so serious though?