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Hello guys!

Last week I’ve been to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. The exhibition was in Rotterdam, in the ‘Kunsthal’. I was really excited because I never go to exhibitions and I didn’t know what to expect. I really like fashion, so I thought it would be cool to go and get inspirate when I see all the cool items. And I had to go because my grandparents won the tickets and gave them to me :p

Here are a few pictures of some creations:

foto 1

foto 2I love the color of this dress, and all the details. It’s so fancy.foto 1-1

foto 2-1I don’t really know why I took a picture of this hat.. But it can look really chic with a trouser and a blazer and it of course reminds me of Russia..foto 1-3

foto 2-3

foto 3-3This skull is so glamorous. OMG. Genius, I want this skull on a leather jacket ♥foto 3-4

foto 4-3The back of this dress is so creative. I want a dress like this to hang up in my room, I just have no words for this dress.. Just amazing.foto 4-1These pants are soooooooooooo high waisted. It’s a pants for Rihanna, I already see her wearing this. Or I also want to wear it, they can donate it to me.. 🙂foto 4Feathers in clothing is the best thing. This feather dress is so cute for a night out.foto 5-1This is kinda cool, but idk what to think about it.. I like it but it’s a little bit weird .. But it’s art, really cool art.foto 5-3

foto 5

foto 4-2SWAGGGGG. Army print. The fringe dress looks so soft.foto 1-2

foto 2-2

foto 3-2

foto 3-1And we finish with a photo of Daphne Groeneveld, she’s so lovely.

My thoughts about the exhibition:
It was really busy at the exhibition. I expected nobody there because I thought nobody would go to a exhibition, but there are people going to exhibitions 😛 It was really cool though. There were some really cool creations from Jean Paul Gaultier. Some designs I didn’t really understand and I thought they were not that beautiful, but most of the designs were so beautiful and I wish I could make them. I wish that.. The items looks ‘easy’ to make, I thought he makes such a design in one day.. I was kinda shocked when I saw that he puts 350 hours in one dress. 350 hours!!! That are more then 14 days, 14 days 24/7.. That approves that you have to be a really hard worker to become a famous fashion designer, it’s not that easy as some people think it is. But I was talking about the exhibition.. The exhibition was in one word: AMAZING. And I think it was a wonderful experience, I think I would never forget this exhibition.