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I thought it would be fun to share my bucket list. This are the things I really want to do before I die one day. I hope I can do them all! I think everybody have to make a bucket list.. It’s really fun to make and I know now what I want to do with my live.


Run a marathon
I think it would be so cool to run a marathon. It gets you really motivated to train a lot and be sportive. And it’s fun to tell to your kids that you ran a marathon in your life. It don’t need to be a long marathon, 5 km is enough. I think I’m going to run the color run next year, it’s such a cool idea to make running ‘fun’ with paint.


Visit Moscow
When I saw Moscow on the television I immediately wanted to go there. It was so pretty, all that buildings. I know I’m going to Moscow one day, I have to.




Get a tattoo
I know I want a tattoo, I want one that says something about me/my life. I think tattoos are really cool and can have such a lovely meaning. I only don’t know what kind of tattoo I want, I only know I don’t want a big tattoo. It has to be small with a beautiful meaning behind it.


Get a dog
I love doggiess, they are so cute and soft. I really want a dog, but my parents don’t want one 😦 So I’m going to buy one when I’m older. Then you can go to the beach with your dog or to the forest, just walking in the nature. I think I want a pug… I’m not sure though.


Buy a designer bag
A Céline bag is so nice, you can pair it with basically everything. I’m craving for a Céline bag 😛 I would be so happy when I can buy one from my own money. Of course I want more designer bags, but I need a Céline bag!


Move to somewhere in the USA
It’s my dream to live somewhere in the USA. LA or NY would be cool, but I don’t really care where I live.. I just want to live somewhere in the USA. And then buy a cool apartment and live there with Charesa. Then going to the beach, eating dinner, watching movies, working on our blog, having a dog and of course shopping. I really hope that this dream comes true.



Get more piercings in my ears
Earlier I hated all that piercings in an ear, but right now I love it. I only have one lobe ear piercing and I want a lot more ear piercings.. But I’m afraid that it will hurt. When I’m older and I still want more piercings then I’m going to take a helix I think.



Visit a fashion show
If I ever can visit a fashion show, I’ll never forget that moment. It would be so nice to visit a show from Chanel or Dior or Chloé etc. I would make hundred of pictures and be so happy ♥♥


Learn how to surf
When I see somebody surfing I’m so jealous, I think it’s so fun. You can be alone with your surfboard an you are not dependent on someone else. You have your own freedom and you can do what you want. I really want to learn it, or just do it one day and maybe I’ll like it that I want to learn it.


Get kids
I want to have a big family with a lot of kids. I want 4 or 5 kids.. It’s a lot, but it seems fun to me. Than you can do so much fun things with your family, going to the zoo etc.


Become a fashion designer
The best job in the world. The big goal of my life is to become a fashion designer. Just be for hours in your office and design clothing. I don’t know if this comes true.. But I’m hoping, I really hope to become a fashion designer.

This was my bucket list 🙂 The most things I know that it will come true, but from some I don’t know yet.. The only thing that I can do is wish that it comes true and work hard!