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This right here is my favorite meal ever ever ever. It’s my dad recipe and I literally want to eat it everyday. I finally had the change to show u guys this recipe. It’s amazing.

The grocery list for Kofta Kebab or Hamburgers with turkish bread

– Grounded Pork or Beef

– Chicken Bouillon Powder

– Paprika Powder ( we used the red version)

– Onion & Garlic

– Salt & Pepper

– Any type of oil ( we used vegetable oil)

– Turkish bread

– Salad Ingredients : cucumber, tomato, lettuce

– Egg

– Slice of bread

Kitchen Tools

– Bowl

– Knife

– Grill plate

– Food mixer

Kebab 1

To spice up the grounded pork  you will need paprika powder, black pepper, salt and a bit of chicken bouillon powder. Add as many spices as you like. We used about 1 kilogram of grounded pork.


Chop or use the food mixer to mash the garlic and the onion into little pieces.

Onion 2

This is how it should look like.


Why do we add breadcrumbs? We add them because we want the meat to stick together and not fall apart. It’s kinda like a glue for meat.


We used the egg for the same thing as the breadcrumbs.


Mix the breadcrumbs, spices, 1 egg, union and garlic together with the grounded pork.


Roll it into a ball like this. Add some vegetable oil while you are rolling it so when you are goin to bake it will  not stick to the pan.


Flatten it with your hands and put it on the grill plate.


We grilled it for about 5 minutes. This is how it should look like when its done.


My Dad made some delicious salad with tomato, cucumber, lettuce and a hint of salt just to add a little bit more flavor.



We used turkish bread named Kofta. It’s extremely yummy and lovely with the self made hamburgers.



Cut the turkish bread into a triangle and choose a  sauce you like. I love chilly sauce, it’s just amazing.


Add the salad, the hamburgers onto the bread and yay you’re done! Enjoy your meal. – XO CHARESA