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May has come to an end and it’s June now, yaay. So it’s favorites time! I have enough favorites and I want to show them to you. Because I think that’s fun, idk. 

I’m going to start with my beauty favorites ♥

This carrot moisture cream from The Body Shop is one of my favorites because my skin feels so much better since I used this. It’s soft and more hydrated. It’s thicker than the creams that I normally use, but since I used this I know that I need ‘thicker’ creams.

I really like this BB cream because it’s not to heavy. I don’t like to wear a heavy foundation/BB cream when it’s warm outside. And the fact that this BB cream has SPF 30 is really nice!


I don’t have dry skin, so I always use light body lotion. This one from Nivea leaves an oily layer on my skin and that feels so good. I only apply this in the evening, because it leaves an oily layer on my skin. But when I wake up my skin is so shiny and soft. I really like this body lotion for my legs.


This was my favorite nail polish for this month. I liked this blue nail polish. As you can see it’s called ‘Sky high’. And it’s from Rimmel London, yeaaah.


Rituals has really nice products. I like almost all their products and this is the best body scrub I’ve ever used. This also leaves an oily layer to my skin and it just feels so nice, I like oil, lol. When I’ve used this I don’t need to apply body lotion and that’s so nicee.

And tadaaa here’s my favorite outfit:

I bought this skit a few weeks ago and I’m in love with it. I pair it with my Brandy & Melville muscle tee. I loved to wear this. And btw this skirt is from River Island!


I also really liked this crop top this month, but the most of the times it was a little bit cold to wear it 😦 This top is from Urban Outfitters.

Favorite snack:
Dry roasted peanuts
I really like to eat peanuts and especially dry roasted peanuts. Dry roasted peanuts are so good and I can eat them every minute.

Favorite drink:
Cranberry juice & cocos milkshake
I’m in loooove with cranberry juice, it taste so good. And when it’s hot I really like the cocos milkshake from McDonald’s!!!!

Favorite song:
Jessie J – Who You Are Live
This is just my favorite song of May, I listen to it every single day. I love Jessie J live!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4gkUDHR7VU]

Favorite yt video:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzi4qpKxok8]
This styling volg is awesome, just awesome. This vlog was so interesting and I loved to watch it.

Lovely thing I remember I did in May:
Visit the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition.

Things I can’t wait for in June:
Wedding in Germany and better weather! 😉

I want to end this post with an inspiring quote: