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I woke up a little bit late today 😐 It was 11:30 AM when I woke up and I normally wake up around 10:00 AM, so yeah. I took a shower  and everything and I went shopping with Charesa, not really shopping.. More walking through the city. We went to a new Starbucks and I took a cool lime refresha and Charesa took the berry hibiscus refresha. It was really nice outside and the sun was shining. We visited Lush, Zara and H&M, but bought nothing. I don’t really like the collections that are in the stores right now and I don’t really need something. But we were hungry so we went to ‘La Place’ and we ate soup. Yeah I love soup!! After that we went home and I was around 4:30 PM home. Than I ate dinner and now I’m typing this 🙂 This wasn’t a special day, just relaxing and enjoying the sun. That’s what I’m doing in my vacation everyday ♥ Byeee xxx Manon