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IMG_1019_FotorWhen it’s summer then I love to wear shorts. I love to ride on my bicycle or just walk through a city in the shining sun. I also love to take care of my feet in the summer, they feel so fresh after a treatment. And spray body splash all over my body. And eating a popsicle also makes me happy, when I’m eating a lot of popsicles I know that it’s summer. I also love to go on vacation and go to the beach etc., but we have to enjoy the little things. The little things are the best and some people forget that some times. It’s a rainy day while I’m writing this, but the rain won’t change my mood and I just enjoy writing this. And I know that the weather is going to be better the next few days. ♥♥
I just wanted you to remind that you have to enjoy the good little things, because before you know the summer is over and the winter is coming. Enjoy the summer to the max!