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Today I have a DIY, it’s not really a DIY.. But I don’t know how I can call it. I customized my shorts and when you read on, you can see how I’ve done this..IMG_0881 IMG_0884This are my shorts before I customized them.

What you’ll need to customize your shorts:
– an old pair of shorts
– scissors
– a pencil or chalk

IMG_0888 IMG_0890IMG_0892 IMG_0894As you can see, I only cut a few inches from my short. I didn’t need to customize them, because the short is already distressed. When your shorts isn’t distressed you can use a scissors, tweezers or a rasp to distress them. And when you cut a few inches from your shorts, you have to be sure that you cut it even…

IMG_0896 (1) IMG_0899
This is after I customized my shorts. I only cut a few inches of the bottom, but I think it’s a huge different!!!