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IMG_1032_FotorIt’s summer and becoming really warm outside. And I’m almost going on vacation 🙂 So when I’m going on vacation and it’s really warm I need certain things. Of course I need clothes. I take shorts, crop tops, tank tops, muscle tees and bikinis. That are the things I really need, I literally wear that everyday on vacation. And I need flip flops and sandals, when I’m going to the beach I always wear my black flip flops. They can get wet and dirty, because they are really easy to clean 🙂 And when you’re in the sun you need your sunglasses! They protect your eyes and they look cute. What you can’t forget is to protect your skin. I like to use my Maybelline BB cream on my face, because it has SPF 30. And on vacation you want to look great and smell great. I prefer body splash and pink nail polish. I always wear pink nail polish in the summertime, because it’s so fun. ♥ And when it’s summer I can’t life without ice cream!! Ice cream is the best.