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HI, this is part 2 of my vacation photos. You can find the first part here. This part is about Berlin and everything I did there ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you’ll like it!

All these pictures are made with my phone.
Arizona, can, germany, berlin, drink, cute
Arizooonaaaaa, oh I love you. Your cans are beautiful and the content is so good.

Brandenburger tor, berlin, tourists, gate
The ‘Brandenburger tor’ in Berlin, there were so much tourists here. Not funny right.

Reichstag, building, berlin, huge
The ‘Reichstag’ in Berlin, also a lot of tourists.. This building is so huge.

shopping, subdued, forever 21, bag, fashion
Did some shopping at Subdued and Forever 21 ๐Ÿ™‚ Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores! โ™ฅ

dinner, italian, food, pasta, spaghetti, berlin
My dinner, this pasta was so good! Really, really liked it and it was only like 5 euros ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

ice cream, dessert, smarties, pop up
My dessert. A smarties pop up.. I used to eat these when I was younger.

outfit, fashion, crop tops, subdued, highwaisted shorts, H&M
Outfit I’m wearing EVERYDAY. Highwaisted shorts with crop tops. Peace.

pool, germany, near berlin, tropical islands
Relaxing at the pool, something I like to do everyday.

germany, tropical islands, parrot, jungleYou see that cute parrot?ย This was in the same pool in the kind of jungle thing. Really cool.

fish, water, tortoise, jungle, tropical islandsMy friend the tortoise!!!

pool, near berlin, germany, tropical islandsA part of the pool.

plant, unique, tropical islands, jungleI think that this plant is so unique. Never seen a plant like this ^^

jungle, jungle tour, tropical islandsA little bit blurry, but this is how the jungle tour looks.. Watch out, plants everywhere!

flamingos, pink, jungle, tour, tropical islandsFlamingos. Aren’t they super pretty? Only they were behaving a little bit weird.. They were leaving and coming into the water the whole time. I think that they’re sad or something ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

pineapple, slush ice, tropical islandsMy lovely pineapple filled with slush ice. Genius right ๐Ÿ˜‰

comfy, outfit, PJ shorts, fashion, crochet shoes, white teeMy comfy outfit. A white tee, PJ shorts and crochet shoes.

biography, book, iPad, steve jobs, good, inspiringReading the biography from Steve Jobs. It’s inspiring me, he’s so genius.

sun, legs, summerMy leg with some sunn โ˜ผ I’m so pale.. That’s because I don’t like to tan. It’s feeling like your cooking your skin.

olympic, stadium, olympics, berlin, germany, visiting, vacationVisiting the olympic stadium in Berlin. It was so warm outside!

olympic, stadium, olympics, berlin, germany, visiting, vacation, hugeSoooo huge. Omg.

olympic, stadium, olympics, berlin, germany, visiting, vacation, panoramaA panorama.

me, girl, olympic, stadium, berlin, warmWalking around the stadium.. I didn’t enjoined it. It was too warm for me.

olympic, stadium, olympics, berlin, germany, visiting, vacation, swimming pool, old
This swimming pool is really old. I like the old ‘vibe’.

olympic, stadium, olympics, berlin, germany, visiting, vacation
Another one.

fun, posters, floor, circus, berlin
I thought this was just fun.. There were laying so much posters on the floor. I had to make a picture of this.

late night, swimming, cold, blanket, towel, pool
I had it sooo cold at the pool. My towel was my blanket and my best friend โ™ฅ

late night, swimming, tropical islands, lights, water, night, evening
Late night swimming. The lights in the water were so cool.

interesting, drink, cherry, lollipops
Interesting drink.. It just tasted like cherry lollipops.

shopping, me, girl, store, berlin, germany
SHOPPINGGGG. I love Berlin there are so many cool stores there!

fernsehturm, berlin, photo, picture, so highThe ‘Fernsehturm’. It’s so high.. I almost couldn’t make a picture of it because my phone was constantly falling out of my hands -.-

lemon frosted, donut, dunkin' donutA lemon frosted donut.

dunkin' donuts, box, donutsYaaaay, dunkin’ donuts. They have so much different flavored donuts there!

cute, pretty, arizona, can, iced teaAnother Arizona can ๐Ÿ˜

weird face, me, girl, arizona, can, pink, nail polishMy weird face + my arizona can (and my matching nail polish). We were standing in such a long traffic jam, ugh not funny..

palm tree, tropical, islands, germany, vacation, holiday, pool, swimmingPalm tree, so tropical. And palm trees are so photogenic.

snack, healthy, watermelon, yummy, best everThe best snack ever. Watermelon is so yummy. This was on my way back home ๐Ÿ˜ฆ