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Just read the title. Made in heaven. Yes, this Cheap Monday jeans is made in heaven. There are so much things I like about this pair of jeans.. The washing is perfect. I LOVE bleached jeans. It perfectly fits my style! And this jeans wasn’t really expensive. It costs me around 20 euro on sale at Urban Outfitters. And now just tell me how great they feel on my skin. This skinny jeans doesn’t feel very tight on your legs.. I hate it when skinny jeans feel tight and uncomfortable.. This jeans isn’t really uncomfortable. Sweatpants will feel better, but these look much fancier. It sounds perfect.. But yeah there are also things I don’t really like. This jeans is too big for me around my waist, like every other jeans is.. I hate that. Every single jeans is too big around my waist, but I’m used to it now.. It’s fine. And another thing that I don’t like: this jeans smells to bleach. Not really cool.. But besides that I looove this jeans. I just love Cheap Monday! It’s such a cool brand! I think that I’ll wear this pair of jeans a lot!

details, jeans, cheap monday, bleached, denim, fashion, style

jeans, cheap monday, bleached, fashion, style, denim, favorite

jeans, cheap monday, bleached, fashion, style, denim, Copenhagen

cheap monday, jeans, fashion, style, urban outfitters, bleached, denim