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1. Oversized/big coats

I love these kind of coats. They can look chic and casual. I like how they styled them^^

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2. Minimalism

I like the really simple/plain/chic clothing pieces. It looks so cool and the photos also are really cool! I love people who look like that. It looks creativity, but it’s really simple.. I don’t know, just love it so much.

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3. Jean jackets, flannels

The really casual. Jean jackets, flannels, sneakers etc. I still love it. Some people look so cool wearing flannels with jean jackets.

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4. Faux fur (jackets)

Faux fur in the winter time is perfect. It looks so cosy and warm. I love big hairy jackets paired with a simple outfit. Perfect.

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5. Chunky boots

These boots are totally me. I want them. And I think I’m going to buy them!